The role of Artificial intelligence in customer experience

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in customer service and customer experience: In 2017 84% of people interacted with some form of AI – while 50% didn´t even realize it.

AI is effecting our lives, how we communicate, shop and consume media. Artificial Intelligence technologies span from email spam filters, to predictive text, to reverse image search, shopping recommendations and speech recognition apps such as Alexa and Siri – things that many of us interact with almost every day.

The computing power of Artificial Intelligence machines allows the processing and analysis of vast amounts of data, it identifies and predicts patterns and drives decisions. Thus Artificial Intelligence creates actionable intelligence, provides automated responses and continues to become smarter with time and growing data volumes.

Also customer service providers are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence to sort their enormous troves of data. Online chatbots for retailers’ sites are nearly all “manned” by robots that are programmed to answer simple and repetitive questions of online shoppers.

With the rise of chatbots customer service is changing and with their customized recommendations Artificial Intelligence is changing the way people shop.

This infographic from CallMiner gives an interesting overview and shows the increasingly important role of Artificial Intelligence in customer experience:

Infographic AI in customer experience

The question is not if, but how you will use Artificial Intelligence to improve your customer´s experience.

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Source & infographic: CallMiner

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