Social media measurement of success: Keep on track with clear goals and key performance indicators

The German Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW e.V.) has published a model to measure the success of social media activities and summarized its results in a detailed matrix. An accompanying guideline shows the considerations that led to this success measurement model.

The success of social media activities is systematically and structured checked according to various corporate goals:

Derived from objectives from the organization, as well as from the strategy and from measures, performance indicators are defined in the model, which are in turn broken down into indicators for data collection and their matching survey method. These metrics allow for the first time consistent and thus across companies to make successes in social networks measurable and comparable.

If you want to know how to measure your company’s success in social media, you should read the BVDW guidelines and matrix! Click here for their download:

Matrix for social-media-measurement

Guidelines for social-media-measurement

Do you know your objectives and measures needed to achieve your key performance indicators? Simone Philipp Management assists you with the implementation of your corporate strategy into a social media scorecard. We can also help in data collection with market research and surveys on the awareness, brand popularity, purchase intention, recommendation or satisfaction.

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Source & picture: BVDW e.V.

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