Where there is no counsel, plans fail.
Old Testament, Proverbs 15:22

In the digitized world successful, target group specific marketing is increasingly multilayered and complex. With Simone Philipp Management you have a partner on your side who masters the bandwidth of modern marketing. We are your reliable assistance with all questions concerning marketing and communication as well as strategy and planning.

Nowadays push marketing works barely due to increasingly well-informed customers and target groups. The internet has changed the consumption behavior of people sustainably. “Digital natives” (i.e. all born after 1980) respond to the classic, old type of promotional messages as good as no longer. therefore you can often only reach a pull – that is, real consumer-driven demand – if the main focus in your products or services is clearly on the benefits and added value for your customers and if you deliver relevant content.

Accordingly your company’s communication needs to be changed: Away from promotional hoopla of the ancient world – towards the delivery of relevant, interest awakening content and information. In turn you first of all must consider and understand the behaviors, interests, and desires of your customers. We will gladly help you thereby!

Our consulting services cover the following topics:


  • Market research and competition analysis, including the derivation of fields of action and the implementation of measures building upon them
  • Surveys about employees, customers and sales partners satisfaction
  • Surveys concerning service perception and drivers of service quality
  • Development of a digital marketing strategy including proposal for social media and website optimization
  • Procurement support for marketing services and agency pitches
  • Company specific seminars on the topics of marketing, service quality, customer satisfaction and social media.


  • Corporate communications, public and press relations
  • Target group specific live communication: conception and realization of exhibitions, events, conferences, open house days, roadshows and so on
  • Performance of trade fair team trainings as well as training courses concerning communication and service quality
  • Channel spanning social media and online marketing management
  • Moderation of management circles, team meetings, focus groups, discussions and events
  • Feedback provider and partner in brainstorming or development processes.

Strategy, Planning and Controlling

  • Design and implementation of a holistic planning of marketing activities and budgets
  • Support for the development of a sustainable business strategy
  • Identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) to make strategic objectives measurable
  • Support for the development and implementation of a Balanced Scorecard
  • Optimizing sales results such as by measures to reduce cancellation rates
  • Accompany change management processes: regular monitoring and if necessary correction of initiated measures.

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