Project Management

Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.
Henry Ford

By serious illness or during holiday peaks important positions in your company might remain unfilled longer than desired. Simone Philipp Management helps you to bridge these periods and provides you with experienced interim managers, marketing experts and project managers.

Our interim and project managers initiate, plan, steer and control your projects and ensure, that they are implemented in time and on budget. We clarify with you your project’s objectives and framework, create anĀ initial time and resource plan, and summarize them in a project assignment. In the planning phase we then specify the project, clear responsibilities and competences within the project team and further on define milestones. During the project realization we then carry out the controlling on the basis of regular status reports.

In addition to our interim and project management services, we also support new or foreign market participants in their successful operation in German and European markets. We accompany them for example to authorities, at business meetings and negotiations, or assist in the implementation of their business model in the respective markets. We furthermore assist in finding business associates, appropriate locations and employees.

Our range of project management services encompasses:

  • Traditional project management
  • Interim management in the areas of marketing, communications and planning
  • Temporary assumption of marketing or project leadership
  • Project planning and introduction of service standards on the basis of identified drivers of service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Attendance of new or foreign market participants in business meetings and negotiations
  • Assistance in establishing German or European subsidiaries and in finding business associates as well as suitable locations, infrastructure, office space and employees
  • Support regarding strategy development as well as the adaptation and implementation of a business model for the respective market.

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