10 simple ways to increase your brand awareness

After developing a brand management strategy for one of my clients, including brand positioning, derivation of core brand messages and a mission statement, I realized once again how important the correct handling i.e. management of a brand is. I doubt that there is something more valuable in business than a brand and its good reputation.

Today brands have become more important than ever before: A brand conveys a company’s experience, quality, credibility and thus the trust basis. This is a very good reason why companies decide to increase their brand awareness and thus make themselves a little bit more independent of their product(s). Trust and credibility outlast – while products may come out of fashion or simply no longer be in demand due to their life cycles.

Increasing the brand awareness of a company is an important first step towards making more sales. Brand awareness is the thread that holds together marketing campaigns and builds a basis for advertising objectives. It´s easy, so keep in mind: Customers must first of all become aware of your (business) existence before they will have interest in or even buy your product or services. So try to make as much as possible favorable impressions to motivate them to get to know more about you and your products or services.

I am a fan of infographics and this one from Panda Paper Roll outlines 10 simple ways to increase brand awareness – be it your company´s or your personal brand:

How to increase brand awareness

Do you know how your (potential) customers perceive your brand? Can you tell your core brand messages within 20 seconds? Do you want to optimize your marketing and brand strategy?

We at Simone Philipp Management help you to achieve your goals and our promise to you is very simple: We make your life easier!

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Infographic: Panda Paper Roll
Picture: Simone Philipp Management

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