Place Inbound Marketing on your 2017 online agenda

When you are developing your 2017 online marketing strategy, there is certainly one topic that needs to be considered: Inbound Marketing.

Traditional marketing techniques such as ads, commercials or direct mailings address a broad i.e. nonspecific audience and are also most often expensive as well as difficult to measure. Inbound marketing instead focuses on targeted techniques such as content creation, social media and search engine marketing that help potential customer find your business and services when they are ready to. This brings better, more qualified leads for significantly less costs than traditional marketing.

Inbound Marketing increases traffic on your website and helps you to get people to notice your brand, products or services and, more importantly, to convert those people into customers. SevenAtoms´ infographic shows the four fundamental steps of a successful inbound marketing campaign that will attract quality prospects to your business and entice them to keep coming back:

1. Attract visitors through the creation of valuable content

2. Convert website visitors into leads

3. Build relationships and convert qualified leads into customers

4. Measure and assess results

Inbound Marketing Infographic

© Simone Philipp Management 2017
Source and infographic: SevenAtoms
Picture: Simone Philipp Management

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